Deliver Continuity of Care

Health systems and telemedicine companies should be able to focus on patient care, not delivery details. Our prescription delivery solution integrates with existing pharmacy software, saving time and effort for healthcare providers.

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We work with health systems and telemedicine companies to make it easy for patients to receive their prescriptions, adhere to therapy, and avoid readmission.

Pairing telemedicine with delivery provides excellent care from diagnosis to daily dose.

Add Efficiency & Improve Retention

Improve the efficiency of your business while keeping patients on track with their medications.

  • Reduce reminder phone calls and manual delivery management; give staff more time for patient consultation
  • Keep prescriptions in-house and reduce loss to other pharmacies
  • Driver redundancies in place to ensure timely delivery of medication
  • Dedicated customer success team to troubleshoot any issues
  • Consolidated invoicing to build administrative time back
Chart of prescriptions returned to stock

Prescriptions Returned to Stock

After implementing ScriptDrop’s delivery solution, a metropolitan health center saw a dramatic drop in abandoned prescriptions across all locations.

  • Keep the workflow simple

    Manage delivery within pharmacy software

    Real-time status updates

    Co-pay collection or buy-down

    High-touch customer service

  • Retain control

    Choose cost for patient

    Tamper-evident packaging available

    Long-term storage of signatures and delivery details

  • Choose from multiple service levels

    Same-day Delivery

    On-demand Delivery


  • Improve the patient experience

    Secure delivery from pharmacy to patient’s doorstep

    Access to a nationwide courier network with built-in redundancies

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